Grants and Awards


The Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is offering to help finance worthwhile fisheries related projects. Read more here.


The Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society annually offers a scholarship to deserving undergraduate students.

Update 9/12/22 from Rebecca Krogman, Awards Committee

Essential criteria are under revision!

  • A junior or senior in the Fisheries or Aquaculture option with a major in Animal Ecology, Iowa State University.
  • A student who has at least average grades.
  • At least one summer of field experience in fisheries or aquaculture or other experience judged to be relevant to a career in fisheries or aquaculture.
  • Membership in the American Fisheries Society or the Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is required. Subunit membership alone is not acceptable.

Additional criteria and information can be found in the student scholarship guidelines available here (Scholarship Guidelines Iowa State University (pdf) and additional information can be found by contacting the Iowa Chapter President.

An online application form will be provided very soon on this page, for students applying during the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 school year. Please check back by October 31, 2022. To ensure you receive all news and announcements regarding this scholarship, make sure you are a member of the Iowa Chapter of AFS. You can contact the Secretary-Treasurer if you have any trouble or questions getting signed up. Thank you!