Grants and Awards


The Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is offering to help finance worthwhile fisheries related projects. The completed application form needs to be transferred to the Iowa Chapter President by an Iowa Chapter member. Grants are available up to $1,000. More information on the grant application can be found here (Grant Application Explaination (pdf). The grant application form can be downloaded here (Grant Application Form (pdf). Past examples of funded grant applications can be found here (Grants Siegwarth Proposal (pdf).


The Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society annually offers a scholarship to deserving undergraduate students.

Essential criteria are:

  • A junior or senior in the Fisheries or Aquaculture option with a major in Animal Ecology, Iowa State University.
  • A student who has at least average grades.
  • At least one summer of field experience in fisheries or aquaculture or other experience judged to be relevant to a career in fisheries or aquaculture.
  • Membership in the American Fisheries Society or the Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is required.

Additional criteria and information can be found in the student scholarship guidelines available here (Scholarship Guidelines Iowa State University (pdf) and additional information can be found by contacting the Iowa Chapter President.