Business Meeting – January 2013

Iowa Chapter
FROM: Ben Wallace, Iowa Chapter President
DATE: 17 January 2013

  • President: Ben Wallace
  • President Elect: David A. Pattillo
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dan Rosauer
  • Past President: Kim Bogenschutz

Click to download the complete AFS North Central Division Business Meeting Briefing Book 2015 - 57th Annual Meeting (pdf)

Goal 1: Global Fisheries Leadership
AFS will be a global leader providing information and technical resources for the sustainability and conservation of fisheries resources.

  1. The Annual Meeting of the Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was held on
    February 12th-13th at Honey Creek State Park, Moravia, Iowa. The next chapter meeting will
    be a joint meeting held with the Nebraska Chapter of the AFS on February 18th-20th in
    Council Bluffs, Iowa.
  2. Iowa AFS contributed $100 and provides representation to the Iowa Conservation Alliance
    (ICA). The ICA is a 23-member organization dedicated to promoting the sound management
    of Iowa’s fish and wildlife resources, ensuring hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities,
    and establishing funding for natural resource programs.
  3. Iowa AFS contributed $100 to the Iowa Environmental Council. The Iowa Environmental
    Council is an alliance of diverse organizations and individuals working together to protect
    Iowa's natural environment.
  4. Iowa AFS contributed $150 to the Iowa REAP Alliance. The Iowa REAP Alliance is a
    coalition of recreation, conservation, historical preservation, and sporting organizations
    dedicated to protecting Iowa’s Resource Enhancement and Protection Program (REAP).
    REAP provides money for projects through state agency budgets or in the form of grants.
  5. The Iowa Chapter of the AFS signed a letter of support along with 277 other conservation
    organizations across the nation emphasizing the importance of coupling conservation
    compliance with crop insurance subsidies and a nationwide sodsaver program. This letter
    was sent to Farm Bill Conferees.
  6. The Iowa AFS awarded a grant in the amount of $326.30 to Scott Gritters to purchase
    equipment for the Mussel Blitz Survey in eastern Iowa.

Goal 2: Education/Continuing Education
AFS will facilitate life‐long learning through world‐class educational resources at all academic levels and provide training for practicing professionals in all branches of fisheries and aquatic sciences.

    1. Iowa AFS sponsored a two day workshop titled “PIT tag use in fisheries” on August 13th-
      14th. The course discussed the application of PIT tags in fisheries research with a special
      focus on constructing antenna arrays for tracking PIT tags. The majority of the course was
      presented by Oregon RFID. The course was attended by 25 individuals.
    2. The Iowa State University Student Subunit President is a voting member of the Iowa AFS
      Excom. DRAFT AFS NCD Governing Board Briefing Book, January 26, 2014 5:00-7:00PM
      Sheraton Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri,.
    3. Iowa AFS can provide financial assistance for students to attend chapter meetings if they are not held in Ames. Lodging for students attending the annual chapter meeting in 2013 was paid for by the Iowa Chapter.

Goal 3: Value of Membership
AFS will serve its members and fisheries, aquaculture, and aquatic science constituencies to
fulfill the mission of the Society.

  1.  Iowa AFS produces 3 newsletters annually that are distributed to members via email and the
    Iowa AFS website. Contributions are solicited from Iowa AFS members for each newsletter.
  2. The Iowa AFS website ( provides historical,
    current, and future information relevant to our members including meeting announcements
    and minutes, by-laws, resolutions, positions statements, newsletters, and membership,
    scholarship, and grant applications.
  3. Winners of the best paper and poster awards at the 2013 annual chapter meeting are as
    a. Best Professional Paper---. Quinton Phelps, “Fin Ray Chemistry Reveals
    Sturgeon Environmental History”.
    b. Best Student Paper---. Ryan Hupfeld, “Excessive Summer Shovelnose Sturgeon
    Mortality in the Des Moines River and Potential Impacts of Climate Change”.
    c. Best Student Poster (Tie)---.
    • Kyle Bales, “Age-0 Lake Sturgeon Prey Selectivity”
    • K.J. Stahr,” The Role of Aquatic Vegetation in Regulating Juvenile
    Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) Growth and Abundance in Iowa
  4. Iowa AFS maintains a member database and email distribution lists to communicate with
    members. Email is the primary tool for distributing important meeting announcements, calls
    for papers, and general chapter business.

Click to download the complete AFS North Central Division Business Meeting Briefing Book 2015 - 57th Annual Meeting (pdf)